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We are collecting content!

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The time has come! We are actively beginning to collect content to show-off both here on this website as well as wherever we go – whether that be KidScreen, Annecy, MIPCOM or even GATFFEST and the JAMPRO Film Festival. If you are already signed up with the Jamaica Animation Nation Network (J.A.N.N.), then you would have received some instructions on how to get your content to us. If not, and you have an idea that you believe is worth sharing – then we implore you to head over to our “join” page and sign up there. We are getting the engine of this vehicle for progress purring, and we would like to take you along for the ride.


Telling our stories

Our first stop on the journey is getting our own stories into regional and international hands, so that they can experience the unique flavour that is Jamaica and Jamaican life. Yes, we do understand that we are a little late to the game, but it is in this “fault” that we can find strength. Jamaican stories, and our rich oral traditions have long trained us as astute story-tellers and even more keen listeners. Our past is laden with content that can be mined, and our present is equally bountiful with stories of living legends, artistic escapades and everyday shenanigans. We are looking for the kind of local content that is easily digested by international audiences, and that can eventually become something more!


Filling the “Production and Distribution” gap

There are those of us that believe that at least one piece of puzzle in creating a thriving, profitable and sustainable animation industry is having a strong production pipeline that is churning out tales and wonders. At the end of this pipeline, or even somewhere in the middle, there is a secondary machinery at work – ensuring that the content produced is market-ready and delivered to the market for consumption. This is what J.A.N.N. is beginning to kickstart – and we want to do it with YOUR content.


…but …is my content safe?

“This sounds very good, but I am concerned that my idea will get stolen?” – VERY good question! We agree that there is seeming reason for concern about your content’s security – but only at first. Why? Well, the people at the Jamaica Animation Nation Network (J.A.N.N.) are creatives too. We share the fear of seeing our work stolen and used by others – and so we have put some things in place to make sure that everything works well.

Security Pillar 1: We have put in place a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). When you go to submit your content, you will notice a link to an NDA which you must agree to before continuing. This is the “juuuuust in case something does go wrong…” mechanism. If you think that someone has used your content in an unapproved way, and that they accessed your content from J.A.N.N. – you have grounds for legal action. We are THAT serious!

Security Pillar 2: Your content is only shown to a very carefully selected Review Committee and no-one else in J.A.N.N. The members of each review committee as well as the submissions they review are all documented and archived.

Security Pillar 3: Potential buyers of your content get access to it in only two ways: (1) completing JANN’s Buyer Registration – which gives them limited access and (2) contacting you OR your licensing agent directly.

Security Pillar 4: We don’t stop there, there are actually more security measures – but we are not going to disclose them. This is a real thing! We have put in place other measures to secure your content that we simply will not share publicly, kind of like having a hidden camera to watch your babysitter/nanny/domestic helper.

We treat your content like it is our content – and we go the extra mile to make sure you and your content is safe with us!


What Next?

So what are you waiting for?!? You should be heading over to send us your content or join up with us so that you can get the details on how to send in your content!

Don’t wait another minute – head there now!


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