Top 40 Character Design Tips From the Pros

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It’s 2017, a new year. Everyone is trying to up their animation game but how? You’ve probably heard tips like “Use simple shapes”, the “7 1/2 heads” body rule or using gesture lines to inform your action poses. Those are excellent tips that can enhance your art signifincantly, but I’m sure you’re looking for more. Could there possibly be more?

Well look no further.  Here are 40 tips from different experts all over the world. Try them out in your spare time. Maybe not all at once but take your time and get around to them all and see what works for you and what doesn’t. The worst that can happen is that your hand gets cramped from drawing that much or you miss an episode of West World. The best that can happen is that you improve your drawing skills and become a better animator.

One thing for sure these 40 tips can do nothing but help.

Top 40 Character Design Tips

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