Pizza a DJ and a Movie

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Animator, 3D artist, Modeller and Architectural Designer Kamaal Manboard presented his concept for an animated series called “DJ Rozee”. The series geared toward 3 – 8 year old children is about a girl who wants to be a DJ and the conflicts she and her musical friends have to resolve along the way.

The animated series is being done in Cinema 4D, a 3D program typically used for motion graphics and visual effects but is very robust when it comes to character design and has a shot learning curve compared to other 3D programs. We got a look at what Kamaal had accomplished thus far and it’s pretty impressive. The rig of the main character was equipped with a wide range of functionality that made animation easier. A bone system with inverse kinematics. The ability to apply squash and stretch easily using bone controls, the ability to quickly switch between facial expressions and the ability to switch between a library of poses. It is Kamaal’s hope that when he is finished developing his pipeline that he will be able to quickly teach a team how to animate his characters and churn out an episode every month. While he still has some development left, Kamaal believes he will have a pilot ready very soon once he has setup all his characters.

After a lengthy Q&A we took a Pizza break, thanks to the gracious contribution of Piralto McNuff and his crew. BIG UP! That Pizza was delish.

Once the break was over it was all lights off to sit back and enjoy the hilarious movie Zambezia done by Triggerfish in South Africa. For those of you JANNimators who don’t know, Mike Buckland from Trigger Fish was here in March at Kingstoon. The movie featured the voices of Leonard Nemoy, Samuel L. Jackson and a few other recognizable names. The animation had a somewhat Pixar style, and a classic Heroes Journey type story. It was definitely inspirational seeing that South Africa does bear a lot of similarities to Jamaica. This is exactly why we have screenings, to discuss the pieces and hope that through analysis we can apply what we learn to our own animations and continue to improve on what we are already doing.

Our next Link Up will be July 30. We will keep you posted on what’s in store. If you have an animated short you wish to show, let us know, we’ll see how we can accommodate you.

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