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May 28, 2016

First of all, respect for showing up #JANNimators. It was good to see all of you again.

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Once again Congrats to George Hay and JoWayne McFarlane for winning a scholarship to Capilano University for an 8 week Fundamentals of Animation programme. This was one of the prizes from Kinsgtoon. We are looking forward to you two giving us a work shop when you get back *wink* *wink*. Congratulation to Ikem Smith for winning the IDB “Beam me up with ICT” Vybzing Animation Challenge and Congratulation to our Chairman Corretta Singer and her “Tale of Shadows” team for being officially selected for entry in the New Animation International Festival. We wish you all the best and hope you come out on top.


So we have changed up the dues structure to make membership more affordable for everyone. We truly hope this helps, as dues will help the association better be able to serve you. It will help out administratively, and it will help out with putting on screenings, workshops, competitions and more. Dues are now $1,000 a month or $10,000 a year if you pay for a year in full in one go. Students pay half that price ($500 per month or $5,000 per year). This also means the benefits slightly change, but definitely not by much. The value pretty much stays the same. Members who are registered but have not paid will stay informed about various activities and opportunities, but paid and registered members receive job recommendations before anyone else, they will also get a portfolio page on our website. Events will be discounted to fully paid members.


Payment can be made via




Direct Deposit  to NCB
Branch: Liguanea
Account Number: 374321048
Account Name: Jamaica Animation Nation Network

*Please label your deposit or transaction or transfer as: “your own full name – monthly dues” or “your own full name – full dues”.


Thanks to those who volunteered to join a committee, this will truly help the organization move forward as we are stronger in number an can achieve so much more. Let’s work together to make J.A.N.N. as great as it can be in advancing Jamaican Animation and Animators. The following are the committees and the roles. Thanks to those who volunteered at the meeting.

  • Marketing, PR and Promotions
    • Promote JANN activities
      • Meetings, Events, Challenges, Workshops, In the media, Social media, Speaking Engagements, Presentations, branding (Graphic design and copy)
      • New volunteers: Jayson Moo-Young, Jamaal Man board, Piroilto McAnuff, Peta-Ann Smith and Damir Foster.


  • Finance
    • Collecting dues, Depositing money to bank, managing budgets for projects and activities, account keeping etc.


  • Admin
    • Membership, Emails, Documentation, Contracts, Meeting minutes, Data.
    • New volunteers: Paul Davis, Peta-Ann Smith and Damir Foster.


  • Projects (Planning and Execution)
    • Meetings, Workshops, Screenings, Community Animations, Parties, Competitions.
    • New volunteers: Alrick Wellington, Evroy Porter, Piroilto McAnuff, Sheldon Harris, Kamaal Manboard, Paul Davis and Jayson Moo-Young.


For those who have not volunteered as yet, we need as many dedicated and committed volunteers as possible.

JANN can only be as powerful and effective as the support we are offered.  No-one in JANN is paid to make it work.  It functions because these volunteers believe in Jamaican animation and animators. So let’s make JANN work.


So our next meeting we will have a 30 minute presentation by Kamaal Manboard on Cinema 4D animation software and his project DJ Rozee after which we will have a screening. This will be June 25 @1 p.m. more information to come on what we will be showing and what the charge will be. Of course for paying members there will be a discount. If you have an animation you want to screen let us know.

Coming UP

Don’t forget, upcoming events.

GATFFEST is June 23-26 be there to support the local film and animation industry. There will be FREE workshops and tickets are now on sale at the UWI Book Shop. Other venues to be determined.

MSET Drawing competition coming soon. Details to be announced. If you came to the meeting today, you know what the format is, if you didn’t come to the meeting sorry, you will just have to wait until further details are out.

Alliance Francais’ Animation Festival is in October. Get your animations ready. It’s not a competition. Just a place to screen your work in solidarity with “World Animation Week” #worldanimationweek

Social Media Activities

JANN continues to encourage you to share what you are working on. We are not asking you to expose your most prized intellectual property, but believe us when we say, showing what you can do goes a long way in gaining recognition and makes it that much easier for us to recommend you for a potential job. Just look at the plethora of artist on Instagram sharing their work. When you share your work here are some hastags we recommend you use, so that we can follow what you are doing and share your work even further.

#jann #jannimator #animationjamaica #animateja

…and do not forget our social media handles


Facebook: animationjamaica

Twitter: animatejamaica

Instagram: animatejamaica



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  • Ok. I just wanted to point out how sad and frustrated i am, because I’ve been following JANN for years and its like all the opportunities you’re offering are so far out of my reach (the workshops, the competitions etc.) because all of these events are based in Kingston and I’m all the way here in Ocho Rios, so, as much as I wanted to attend all these events i couldn’t because the distance is so far and its expensive to travel that far.
    Although I attend a few of the seminars, i always end up missing the MAIN ones (not that it’s anyone’s fault but I had my heart set on going and due to the heavy rain that was here i was unable to make it)
    I missed the opportunity to volunteer and i was really looking forward to being a part of JANN and helping them to help jamaica develop the animation industry. Graphics and Animation are my passion and I’m so upset that people like me who are so passionate about this art and would love the to have a opportunity to strengthen our ability and be apart of the movement are deprived of it because we live outside of Kingston.?
    I’m sorry, but if you really wanted to expand the JANN team you guys should try coming out of Kingston and visit other places in Jamaica, you’d be surprised to see how many aspiring animators are here in St. Ann.

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