Later Alligator 3D Challenge

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OK JANNimators, we have some interesting challenges up in the facebook community group but there is one in particular that is perfect for practicing or utilizing your specialization as well as fostering team work. In the “Later Alligator” challenge you can chose to storyboard, animatic, rig, texture, animate, composite or edit. two of our members Khemardi and Deon Coke have modelled 3D alligators or crocodiles, I’m not even sure which one LOL. A script has been written and provided by the President Kevin Jackson and they are all free to use. This is a good opportunity to show what the local animators can do as a team. In weeks to come there will be other 3D challenges and 2D challenges. Maybe with the same characters. Maybe with different ones. For now let’s sink our teeth into this one. Pun intended.

All of these downloads are available and free in the facebook group for all to mess around with or you can download them directly below.  What we want you to do is send us your storyboard of the script, or rig of character models. That way we can place the downloads here for someone else to texture and animate them. This is a great way to work on a team project and not take up too much of your time. So see you later alligator, let’s hop to it shall we.

Gator Deon Coke


Khemardi’s Maya Model

Khemardi’s Blender Model

Deon’s Blender Model

Kevin’s Script



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