Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

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Kevin Jackson is an accomplished writer (and screenwriter), self-taught animator, filmmaker and web designer who is also proficient in the Anime Studio and Blender platforms. In 2012 he won 1st place in the Caribbean One Minute Mobile Film Festival and in 2013 he won Best Animation and Best Foley at the NCU Lignum Vitae Film festival.   He is the Public Relations Director for the Jamaica Animation Nation Network and the Jamaica Design Association as well as creator and owner of the Jamaican Film Industry group on Facebook boasting 763 members.   Currently a writer for Wealth Magazine and formerly a writer for Jamaican Tuner Magazine and Night Vision Magazine. He published an article called “Animation the next big thing”for Wealth Magazine’s 2013 anniversary edition.   His most notable fictional piece is a short story called “The Night the Demon Came” which was featured in the February 2009 edition of Night Vision Magazine and became its most read article of that year.   He is currently is an Assistant Director and Producer for Enhanced Realizm Studios and Animation Director for Night Vision Media Ltd. Kevin Jackson has also played a huge roll in the past volunteering as a director and promoter for the Reggae Film Festival and Animae Caribe Jamaica.   Kevin is always seeking to improve his skills and knowledge and takes pride in motivating the Animation and Film community. Since 2012, he has, as JANN’s PR spokesperson, presented at high schools, universities, corporate seminars and local film festivals encouraging and creating an understanding and appreciation of animation in Jamaica.   His goal is to own an Animation and Film production studio producing authentic Jamaican content for global markets.

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