JANN Meeting September 2016

JANN September 2016 Meeting Recap

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JANN September 2016 Meeting Recap Gallery

JANN Monthly Meeting September 24th 2016

We had another exciting meeting on the 24th. The day started slow in numbers, but quickly escalated to a full house with only standing room. JoWayne McFarlane and George Hay, the Kingstoon victors who got a chance to attend Capilano University in cold cold Canada for eight weeks gave us a recap of their experience. The duo both exclaimed the joys and wealth of knowledge bestowed on them by the capable lecturers. They learnt the traditions of animation from flip charts to flash animation. They encountered life drawing methods that offered great insight and development for the their skills. In addition to experiencing the craft of traditional animation, the advanced to playing around with a top class software know as TVPaint. This little tool is a true keepsake in any animators chest of treasures. To round out their exposure, the had the opportunity play with 3D animation as well.

All in all, the knowledge they gained over the eight weeks cannot be described in any other way other than life altering. Those who missed this meeting, also missed out on the gifts and glimpse of knowledge they shared. The meeting was taken over by our illustrious Chairman Corretta Singer who sternly reminded the audience the importance portfolio development played in being prepared for any opportunities that may come our way. For members of JANN, opportunities are sure! The hour or day may not be known, but preparation is in their best interest as “opportunity favours the prepared!”.

We made a big announcement this meeting regarding or next step as an association that not only provides opportunities but also advanced preparation. We will be hosting a series of workshops commencing in October the details will be properly circulated to JANN members, so keep tuned to JANN for more exciting news and development.

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