JANN President Kevin Jackson on IrieTimes.com (Live Blog)

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The President of the Jamaica Animation Nation Network (JANN), Kevin Jackson’s interview on IrieTimes.com dated: June 27, 2015, 12:30PM (GMT -5)

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Carla wraps up by encouraging everyone to support ALL film festivals – including KOTE and GATFFEST

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As they wrap up KJ adds that there other film festivals going on – including the Kingston On The Edge (KOTE) animation festival, that will feature Corretta Singer’s “Tale of Shadows”. He also notes GATFFEST.

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KJ: Living in Jamaica IS reggae! Right now I am actually heading to the country – even though its a work retreat, there is beach and fun. …if I had to choose a favourite reggae song it would be Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers to Cross” … it’s all about overcoming things!

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IT: How do you REGGAE?

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Carla recounts her part in doing voice acting for the Star Boy animated short. She talks about the awkwardness of voicing adult scenes in front of her father

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KJ: I am not directly involved in the production – but I have done and do a lot of promotion for Tilsa [Wright]. She is one of the Jamaicans in the diaspora who really support Jamaica and give of her own money for that. I chose to support her because she continues to help Jamaica and Jamaicans…

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IT: What was [the Star Boy project] like for you?

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Kevin and Carla are discussing films by Stanley Kubrick

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KJ: I’d have to go with Steven Spielberg… but also Stanley Kubrick… 

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IT: Who is your favourite film-maker?

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KJ: HEART is seemingly the best place to START right now. UWI and UTech are doing degrees as well. Edna also has a course. Additionally, studios like GSW are also looking for employees.

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IT: (Question from guest) How can young men and women get started in animation in Jamaica?

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KJ: Interestingly, I am actually putting together two series right now… [the first] Maroons, which is a period piece, and [the second] a kind of Dora the Explorer vibe called Mellie and Dellie that mixes English and Patois

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IT: Could we put together something for Caribbean children in Patois and English?

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KJ: There is… Lady Renee, …Cabby Chronicles… there is also Donovan Watkis – he also has an animation in the Film Festival

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IT: Is there anyone who is doing Jamaican animation in patois?

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KJ: ..people are always looking for something different. [with original content] the possibilities are endless. There is A LOT more money to be made in the original content side, but it takes a little longer to move up the chain

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KJ: There are really two ways to build the industry: outsourcing… and original content

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KJ: ..from KingstOOn there has been a lot of interest…. but animation is a “skilled labour” [field]. The Government has now realized this and is investing heavily in training, so from this point on I can see interesting continuing to build

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IT: Do you think that there is a lot of interest from Jamaicans in animated work, or could we do more to develop?

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KJ: I just kept doing little by little and kept animating. Then a friend (from Equinox) recommended me to Jamaica Environment Trust

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Kevin Jackson (KJ): I started in writing… went to a JAMPRO symposium and got into film-making. JAMPRO had another symposium on animation and I was encouraged to get involved.

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IrieTimes (IT): How did you get into animation?

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Based on a failed blind date – his film begs the question “What happens after a bad blind date?”

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Societal issues mixed with his thirst for entertainment is the inspiration for his film entered into the Jamaica Film Festival

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The interview is about to begin with Kevin Jackson

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