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Thanks to everyone who turned out for the JANN meeting held August 27, 2016. The house was packed to capacity with only standing room left. Special recognition to the new persons who came very early. We were very happy to see new aspiring animators attend the meeting in a bid to learn more about the industry. As a result the meeting kicked off a little early, around 12:30 p.m. to be exact. Our new guests, students from the Professional Development Institute in Brown’s town shared with us their interests. We took the time out to show them the animation which won the Kingstoon competition “Tale of Shadows”. Their eyes lit with excitement and they expressed how engaging the piece was to them. It sparked their enthusiasm for learning more. This was exactly the reaction we wanted to warm them up for what was coming next.

Academic Presentations

Our first guest speaker David Soutar, the programme coordinator for Carimac’s Digital Media Studies Degree in Animation gave a detailed overview of the course offerings. The room was teeming with so many questions we had to cut the first Q&A short to make room for the next guest speaker. Chevonnese Chevers Whyte, the programme coordinator for HEART VTDI’s Associate Degree in Animation was fittingly very animated. She had the crowd captivated during her overview of the experience students would have at VTDI along with the course requirements, cost among other things.  Even more questions poured in and again we had to cap them short. Needless to say, the members heads were twirling with the wealth of information as they remained undecided as to which programme was best for them.

Internship Opportunity

At this point the meeting really could have come to an end but we had one more guest speaker. This speaker presented on an opportunity he hinted at strongly during our last meeting. Some how I think the gravity of how amazing the opportunity is only sank in Today. D’Oyen Williams, a representative of The World Bank Caribbean and Latin America issued a call for animators to intern in Korea for 8 months at a major international studio working on actual world recognized TV productions. Let us add that this is a paid internship. We thought the crowd would have been tired of asking questions by now, but this time even more questions poured out than the two previous speakers before. It was clear the concept of being paid to learn had everyone’s head spinning.

Of course there is a catch. Yes yes…there is a catch. To capitalize on the opportunity, one must be a paid member of JANN and more importantly, they must have a portfolio. If you have been to a JANN meeting before or been a part of the Facebook group, you will know that we constantly urge our members to draw, animate, model, practice and build their portfolio in general. We were not doing this just out of idleness. You may have also heard us repeatedly say “Opportunity favours the prepared”. These were not empty utterances, we knew these opportunities were coming but we cannot reveal anything before its time. The deadline for the submission of portfolios and applications is September 9. That’s literally around the corner.


If you have not been preparing 2D sketches, line work, coloured art, 2D animations, 3D models, 3D rigs, 3D animations or what ever it is that would reflect your talent, then you don’t have much time left. That is not to say give up now, it is to say if you have no heeded our previous hints, then now is the time to press and produce something before this once in a life time opportunity passes you by.

We won’t get into anymore of what you missed, you will just have to keep coming to meetings to keep up. Don’t forget dues are due every month if you want to pay monthly. If you wish to pay for the year that’s probably the best option because it works out cheaper and gives you access to the best opportunities we can offer. Below is a link to how you join and pay. Again big thanks to our guests Mr. David Soutar, Mrs. Chevonnese Chevers Whyte and D’Oyen Williams. See you at our next meeting. September 24, 2016.

Dues Call to action

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$10,000 – general
$5,000 – students

$1,000 – general
$5,00 – students

How to pay and join JANN

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