Jamaican Animation in 5 Years: A National Strategy

May 13, 2015 5:45 pm Published by 2 Comments

Since our launch, JANN has been fighting to always be included in the animation dialogue happening within the various circles. We have had our hands in the development and delivery of multiple education programmes to one extent or the other. We have even offered advice directly to those who make decisions about the support levied to the animation industry.

…but we have at all times seemingly remained the silent supporter, or shadow advisor. Today we decided it was time to not only step out of the shadows, but to ask YOU for your help in making ALL our dreams come true. After much conversation and consideration, we have decided to go public with our five-year plan for developing animation in Jamaica. Whether you choose to hold us accountable to what we say here, or help us achieve our goals – we want you to know that we are HARD at work trying to make Jamaican animation a valuable product and viable way of life.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!

JANN’s Strategy for Jamaican Animation in 5 years

Jamaican Animation in 5 yearsAchievements thus far:

  • Community blog
  • School presentations
  • Message board
  • Meet ups (screenings)
  • Meet ups (quarterly general meetings)
  • Social media
  • Members (local) database and sign-up process
  • Skills database (w.i.p.)
  • First Executive Board for the Association
  • First Board of Directors for the Company
  • MoU negotiations (in progress)
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  • Admin Team says:

    Hi Zawdie!

    Thanks for your question and feedback. We really like the opportunity to engage with those who have any kind of interest in our work.

    To answer your question directly: Our count says it is approximately 59% of the items on the map (when you do NOT take Administrative Structure into consideration) that create opportunities for revenue generation for our various stakeholders.

    Seminars, workshops, master classes etc. generate revenue for those experts who lead them*; certificate and degree programmes generate revenue for the educational institutions; Festivals and Galleries generate revenue for anyone* creating and pushing original content, from the smaller “indie” type studios we hope to see emerge and our expansive freelance community, all the way through to our established studios; and workflow outsourcing generates revenue for the larger studios. As you would imagine there is even revenue generating activities for the industry association as well!

    So far as the creation of distribution channels, procurement expertise and even marketing is concerned, these are “hidden” within “larger” items in the map.

    We hope that we cleared that up for you. Please let us know any other concerns!

    PS: Sorry we took so long to respond, we thought it so interesting a question it would have sparked conversation and we wanted to allow that to happen before coming in.

    *denotes activities applicable to all players within the practice of motion and time-based media

  • Zawdie says:

    How many items in that complex map are dedicated to actually tapping into or generating specific revenue streams? Personally I would love to see a map that is AT LEAST 50% occupied by items focused on new revenue…. distribution channel development…etc.

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