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CaribbeanTales Incubator 2015 :: Application Deadline – April 30, 2015

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The CaribbeanTales Incubator is a programme focused on one thing: matching market-ready Caribbean film-makers with content hungry network and television buyers. That’s it in a nutshell – so pause reading this and GO APPLY NOW if you have content you want picked up.

Achieving the Incubator’s goals are not nearly as simple as stated however, but the people involved are very good at what they do, and they want to help you. After-all, the 2015 staging of the Incubator will mark its sixth run in positioning Caribbean film and film-makers in front of a global audience and having them feel ready and rearing to take get their product sold. The programme was first conducted in 2010, and has a competitive selection process where only fifteen (15) of the filmmakers, producers, writers, animators, and media practitioners across all disciplines, from the Caribbean and its Diaspora including Africa, India and South and Central America who apply will be selected for entry.

According to the website at: – the Incubator aims to (a) empower filmmakers and media artists to develop their unique voices within a global Caribbean Diaspora context, through collaboration with kindred artists and producers from around the world; (b) foster the development of long-term partnerships between Diaspora and international practitioners; and (c) develop skills in the all-important packaging and marketing of films through market training and participation in a Pitch Breakfast.

If you apply and get in, get ready for:

  • Intensive sessions to prepare participants for attendance at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
  • A Welcome Dinner and Show & Tell: Participants meet, greet, and share their work with other participants.
  • A Gala Launch Event, to facilitate networking with producers and filmmakers from Canada and around the world
  • Intensive workshops that emphasize the unique voice and development of a global Caribbean film aesthetic.
  • A market training module including a Pitch Breakfast aimed at Delegates from the International Film Industry.
  • Access Pass to the Toronto International Film Festival, and guidance to navigate this great event.


Go apply for this opportunity now! We are looking forward to hearing the good news after TIFF!


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  • We would like to invite you on our radio show to talk about this. I’m the founder of the Piton International Film Festival in St. Lucia. Our radio show is a call in show, we are base in Philadelphia. Hope to hear from you

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